Fun, professionally guided birdwatching trips to more than 10 locations near the Sub-Himalayan belt of Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital, Uttarakhand. Providing the best tour experience is the continuing goal of our friendly, top-notch guides and staff.
Kumaon is well known for its unrivaled beauty of mountains, pine forests, and varied inhabitance of wild animals and Thousands of birds, as well as the pure natural beauty and the spectacular canyons. On this short tour, based in the cool pines of Nainital at an elevation of 6,500 feets, we will visit these breathtaking habitats in search of Himalayan Birds and wild animals and other mountain specialties, many not normally encountered in other parts of the world. Within short drives of Pangot(nainital), Sigri and Kunja Khaddak, we'll encounter birds and animals from the lower belts of Himalayas and the Jim Corbett National Park. Such species as Snow Leopards, Panthers, Honey Badgers, Red-Fox, stripped Hyena, Spotted Deer, Sam…

Beauty in the Wild..

Uttarakhand : Un-cut and Unleashed..

Hi.. this is Knightmare..!!

I have decided to dedicate my blog to the beauty and serenity of Uttarakhand's Wilderness and untouched natural beauty.. The Valleys and the Forests.. the mountain Rivers and the natural vegetation.. Pointed high hills and the melodious songs of the Birds..

In 2017, we are in an era of technology boom and global industrialization. We have adapted ourselves  so much to the modern day luxuries that life seems to be difficult without them. These modern day luxuries have brought us comfort and have eased our everyday tasks. But, the other side of the coin shows what all we had to sacrifice to advance to the present stage.

Industrialization has caused severe irreversible changes to the environment which is now showing its ill effects to almost all living beings on earth. Pollution, of all kind, be it air, water, soil or sound pollution has increased drastically within the past couple of decades. The major cause is industriali…